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Secretariat General of EBC
P.O. Box 510
2380 BB Zoeterwoude
The Netherlands

tel.: +31 (71) 545 6047 / 545 6614
fax: +31 (71) 541 0013



EBC Rules


The founders of EBC in 1946, just after World War II, considered the development of technology and science of the utmost importance for the brewing industry. EBC has fulfilled their wishes for a great part and has developed itself to a living organisation with a broader sense of duty that necessarily was provoked by the development of society and the industry as a member of that society.

Approaching the year 2000, new issues such as safety of food, maintenance of quality and product integrity, the use of optimal malted barley as raw material as well as environmental care and, still, cooperation in pre-competitive research and development of technology are important reasons for the existence of EBC.



Ordinary Membership of the Convention is open to National Organisations in Europe which represent the majority of the brewing industry in their country. Through their National Organisations, 22 European countries are member of EBC.

Representatives of the National Member Organisations form the Council of EBC, the body planning and controlling all activities. The President and four Vice Presidents are elected by the Council from amongst Council Members. They each serve a four-year period and can be re-elected once.


Committees & Groups

EBC has the following Committees & Groups:

  • Analysis Committee
  • Barley & Malt Committee
  • Brewing Science Group
  • Technology & Engineering Forum

each of which have a number of Subgroups/Working Parties treating topics in specialist areas.



EBC Congresses, held every two years since 1947, offer scientists, technologists and technicians the possibility to discuss the results of their work. Up-to-date knowledge is presented in the form of Lectures, Poster Presentations and Poster Debates.
Subjects discussed range from raw materials, via the various steps in the process of malt and beer production, to new analysis techniques and new technologies. All papers and posters are published in the Congress Proceedings.


Symposia / Workshops

Symposia / Workshops are in principle held every year; in the non-congress years, two events are organised. The Council of EBC decides on the subject. Up-to-date know-how of a well-defined subject is collected and discussed.
An EBC Symposium is an event where it is expected that younger scientists/managers/technologists participate. The number of participants shall not exceed 50. All papers presented are published in the series of EBC Monographs.
A Workshop is an event with participation 'by invitation' only. The number of participants is restricted to approx. 20: top-level scientists in the topic of the Workshop.