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October 2002


Mission Statement

To be the pre-eminent expert organisation of choice in Europe for all brewing, governmental and technical organisations acting co-operatively in pre-competitive areas of brewing and malting science and technology for the benefit of the brewing industry, consumers and the community.


The EBC is the expert technical organisation for co-operation and joint activity between European brewers and maltsters.



to promote
- development of brewing and malting science and technology
- application of best practice in brewing and malting technology
- transfer of knowledge from other industries into brewing and malting

to act as the European advisory expert body on science and technology in brewing and malting in co-operation with CBMC (The Brewers of Europe) and other organisations

to identify and communicate new scientific and technical opportunities

to stimulate pro-actively and communicate developments in product safety, environmental issues, beer wholesomeness and health in support of moderate and responsible beer drinking

to enable and enhance co-operative activity on all pre-competitive technical aspects of beer quality

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Primary activities

to maintain and develop a database of European technical experts working on a voluntary basis

to organize biennial Congresses

to organize Symposia on speciality topics

to create and administer Committees and Groups

to publish material from Congresses, Symposia and Committees/Groups

to provide technical expertise to CBMC

to foster working relationships with all representative bodies world wide of the brewing and malting industries and research institutes